Come check us out at our New Studio located in Duluth!! Any of our artists will give you the best piece of art ever!!



Tattoo Fiesta was established in November of 2001 by a very unlikely couple - an architect and a business woman - who envisioned a new tattoo business model where tattoo artists were strictly managed and constantly evaluated for quality work based on customer satisfaction. For the last 12 years Tattoo Fiesta has been a household name in the tattoo and body piercing scene with thousands of happy customers. We have two different locations in Atlanta and Duluth.

We believe that tattoos are an art form and not a taboo. Our studios are always located in very visible shopping centers where we can have more exposure to the community and can complement very  well with other stores. Tattoo Fiesta offers free seminars for parents and teenagers who want to know more about safe tattooing and body piercing and how current Georgia laws regulate everything in our industry. Our studios are also art galleries where original paintings reflecting the tattoo culture show the ideas of our young artists and their endless experimentation with color and composition. These paintings in addition to a wide variety of handcrafted jewelry from Central America, Southeast Asia and North Africa are available for purchase in all our stores.

Visit our new store in Duluth! Our best tattoo artists are waiting for you at our new state of the art parlor!

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