Our piercing includes sterilized surgical grade jewelry. Prices start at $45. Aftercare product sold separately.     

Equally important to tattooing, body piercing is an essential part of our studio specialty. We provide all kinds of piercings including tongue, eyebrow, nose, cheek, neck, lip and navel. Our stores are equipped with a private piercing room in case you want a piercing on a more intimate part of your body. Rest assured that our team of professional artists will treat you with dignity and respect no matter if you are getting pierced for the first time. If you are a teenager under 18, you will need to bring one of your parents or legal guardian to the store to sign an authorization form for you to get pierced. Please note that body piercing for minors is not available in our Plaza Fiesta Location on Buford Highway, so make sure you visit our store in Duluth.

agregar our basic piercing start at $40.00,

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